Cyril Ramaphosa: A Definite “Lier” by Profession !

The Ghost of #Ramaphosaleaks seems like not letting away the deputy President go anywhere without its shadows. He is been chased, questioned ,interviewed wherever he goes. Still he is trying his best to get rid of this nightmare and in a desperate attempt of the same he denied having a string of extra-marital affairs with 8 women, but did confess to have an affair with a Limpopo doctor, which has ended 8 years back as per him.

Cyril Ramaphosa

However, as per the reports by a news website, it clearly reveals that Ramaphosa is lying. Leaked emails are showing that Ramaphosa and Dr Olga Nkuna, who also served as the deputy president’s personal doctor, have been in exchange of intimate emails even till this year. As per the proofs, Ramaphosa’s relationship with Nkuna started from 2011. They initially communicated in a  professional manner as the latter has been seen addressing deputy president as “Mr Ramaphosa”, but things took turn later on.

In 2012 Ramaphosa has been sent an email by Nkuna an where she requested  him to sponsor her for a conference in New York. She kept the conversation formal and not personal till that time, addressing him as “Mr Ramaphosa” and signing as “Dr O. Nkuna”. But the same conversation seems like getting intimate later on. Nkuna is the only lady who communicates with Ramaphosa where Ramaphosa was using the two genuine Email Accounts. In an email dated 26 February 2017 She was found to have addressed the deputy president with the subject: “DREAMS!!!!!” She wrote: “Hi hi I am horny. Having a lot of wet wet dreams.”

Another of her emails dated 2 January 2016, Nkuna has been seen sending an email to Ramaphosa with her picture in which she said: “For your eyes only.” In another email  On 7 May 2015 along with her picture, , Nkuna said: “For your eyes only”, to which Ramaphosa replied: “Wow. What a lady! Desirable!” Then she replied as: “She is still waiting to be eaten alive by you”. Nkuna didn’t respond,hung up and continuously ignored the calls when the Media team tried to contact her in this context which itself clear the whole picture.

So far in two press statements issued by Ramaphosa, he completely denied the fact of having romantic connections with eight women. however, he accepted that he dated a Medical doctor, which we can assume now to be Nkuna only after taking a look into the above emails. Though Ramaphosa is still stating that he is been “Targeted and Smeared” and state institutions has been used in a quest to hack into his personal emails.

This article first appeared on Weeklyexpose : Cyril Ramaphosa Lied

12 thoughts on “Cyril Ramaphosa: A Definite “Lier” by Profession !”

  1. People should not be blind with patriotism that they can’t face reality, Wrong is wrong no matter who does it.

  2. Why did he have to use multiple emails in the first place? This person doesn’t reflect the integrity suiting the DP of our country. This December, he should be ousted from the cabinet.

  3. #Ramaphoseleaks have shown that he is not fit to be at such an esteemed position. The shame and abuse did not not affect him when even after all this, he warned ANC leaders to comply.

  4. This dirty womanizer will sell the country for his own selfish needs and the poor people will have to suffer. This is as sad as it gets. I hope that he is impeached soon.

  5. I keep wondering if what has been leaked is the only dirty linen under the belly of the Deputy President. Why has he admited to only the doctor but not others? Is It because they are young to be his grand daughters or is fearing blesser outcomes from monthly déposit to them? Are we fair to dig into his personal life? I answer byself through the past, we allowed it, rejoiced, (never thought about families that gets humiliated in the process) when President Zuma was stripped naked by all of us, led by the mainstream media. I guess it is the maturing of our fake democracy, which we copy thé American democracy by allowing mainstream media to decide who should be the President of this country, after manipulating the ANC to produce their Proxy. The mainstream media sold Ramaphosa as the Paragon of Moral Virtue and blocked any scrutiny to his weaknesses even the Marikana Massacre was not even mentioned by the sponsored media. I guess these leaked Ramaphosa emails have made the sponsored media to suffer from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

  6. Simply disgraceful. I am not one to judge a person’s personal life but there is no smoke without fire. Ramaphosa tried to stop the publication of the mails but did not succeed. Such lying leaders are a threat to our nation.

  7. The #RamaphosaLeaks must have been a big blow to his supporters, especially the WMC and their paid journalists. But even their power couldn’t conceal the shady and hypocritical nature of the people in power.

  8. I am happy that these greedy, power-hungry officials are not being allowed to get away with their deceit and immoral acts.

  9. This is a guy who brings a bad name to people like Prez. Zuma. Ramaphosa frequently indulging in illicit acts of adultery and corruption, tarnished the image of both the ANC as well as Zuma. He must be held responsible for his action. As should the wmc who are whole heartedly backing this hypocrite.

  10. Such embarrassing behaviour from someone holding such an important office off the nation. I am so glad that this was exposed else we could have been suffering in the hands of such a dishonest leader and his white crook friends in the future.

  11. Ramaphosa should not be spared for this. He cannot be the representative of our country with such an immoral background. The wmc supports him and hence they are constantly spreading fake news about the Zuma camp.

  12. I think the deputy president personal love affairs is his business .we mustnt act as if its new to this country . Why not question those with more than 2 wives ,I mean b4 marrying ,they did what ramaphosa is doing .

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