Cyril “Womanizer” Ramaphosa believes Zuma is a rapist

Rape can always be considered as one of the henous crimes a society can ever deal with. Moreover, bringing the same into Picture while slinging mud on someone for political reasons is worst. Now Cyril Ramaphosa, the Womenizer who was involved in multiple affairs with University students, now believes Fezekile Kuzwayo – also known as Khwezi, was raped by President Jacob Zuma. It’s worth mentioning here that Khwezi is the woman who alleged President Jacob Zuma of rape. Although Zuma was cleared in 2006 after a long trial, the ghost of the same still kept haunting the political atmosphere around every now and then.

Womenizer Ramaphosa

To be more surprised about the same Ramaphosa has expressed his views about the same just a week prior to the ANC elective conference. He stayed mum till now and decided to use this as a ploy against Zuma to get him defamed further. It’s worth mentioning here that he was. Ramaphosa made this claim while talking to Radio702 host, Karima Brown (a pro Zuma once who went against him under WMC impact). It must be noted that Khwezi passed away last year. She couldn’t present her views on it further and that’s how WMC and its peers are cashing on her previous statement to benefit their own purpose of Dirty Politics.

Radio 702 which is already a WMC supported radio station, was only meant to further defame the President. However, this ploy by WMC has failed big time as its revealed the true reality of Ramaphosa as a person. As matter of fact, if we all believe his statement for even a moment, the question is, what did he do about it? He decided to stay as a deputy president under Zuma going against his beliefs? . Moreover he is a man himself who has played down with the feelings and emotions of multiple women via Dirty affairs and now he claims to be a supporter for their rights and well beings. This sounds silly in the wake of his self history for being a women obsessed creature (calling him human would be an injustice to humanity though).

The People and the country knows best about him and he along with his WMC supporters should understand the fact that the masses cant be befooled for long by his fake claims.

The Following article is in reference to a story published on the website Black Opinion on Dec 7, 2017.

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