Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa (born 17 November 1952) The so called South African politician, businessman, activist, and trade union leader who has served as the Deputy President under President Jacob Zuma since 2014 has always been the centre point of controversies since his existence on the South African political panorama.

The First string in the array of his inhuman and corruptive acts was the Marikana Massacre which accounted to the death of around 34 innocent Miners and leaving 75 more of them injured. The Following report carries a brief description of this.

Cyril Ramaphosa



These are still one of the fews that’s gets reported. There may be hundreds and thousands that still left unnoticed. Still any Further developments about him and his wrong doings will be kept posted and updated on this page and we will keep bringing you with all the real and unaltered news revealing the truth about Ramaphosa.


He further emotionally abused and used young women and university students to satisfy his sexual pleasures where it’s been reported that he supported them financially by paying their Tution fees in return of Inappropriate benefits out of them.


The controversies seems like going hand in hand with the Deputy President and adding to it was his alleged involvement in making a Young mother, his personal Porn star.


Moreover, in recent news published in Sunday independent, Editor Steve Motale investigated his personal affairs and posted about his Multiple Extra Marital affairs, which Ramaphosa agrees to later on. More to it in the report below.


He was further reported to be involved in alleged conflicts of interest and further corruptive acts while being the chairman of MTN, Africa’s biggest cell phone company, where he has been alleged to  move billions of rands earned in African countries to offshore tax havens. Following is the link to the detailed report on the same.


He was further been stopped from attending the commemoration for Marikana Massacre victims as a result and was highly criticized for this dirty act..

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