Gordhan and Sacked SARS Officials planned “The President’s Keeper” Ploy to Defame Zuma

The President’s Keeper has been regarded as the so called “Best seller” in the Media fraternity(Read White media). While they have done every single bit to promote the book which was aimed at defaming President Zuma by mudslinging him through fake facts, fresh reports as per the news website Africa247 now says that  Former finance minister Pravin Gordhan and fired Sars officials Ivan Pillay and Johan van Loggerenberg were the brains and sources behind author Jacques Pauw’s The President’s Keepers.

Gordhan and Sacked SARS

As per the report, The Sunday Independent has stated that Pauw had no intentions of being the author of the book until both Gordhan and Ivan approached him with the information. The publication also said the book published only after several meetings between Pauw, Gordhan, former intelligence head Moe Shaik, Pillay and van Loggerenberg. Moreover, general information about the information to SARS was being provided by Gordhan, Pillay and van Loggerenberg while Shaik is claimed to be giving the information regarding the State Security Agency.

Pauw was said to be hesitant first in writing the book but then he was being assured by the WMC stooges that he will get every support possible if he gets to face any legal battle out if this. It can now be said that hesitations was in true regards as former intelligence operative George Darmanovich was leading the charge. George was named in the book as  the person who provided Pauw with information for his article in 2014 in regards to Sars Rogue Unit and that van Loggerenberg was facing the axe. As per pauw,” He was the person who warned me in 2014 that Sars executive Johann van Loggerenberg was going to be fired and that the Special Operations Unit (SOU) was digging for dirt against him and the Sars top executive. How would Darmanovich have known about the SSA if didn’t work for them”.

Meanwhile Darmanovich has thrashed Pauw’s comments and called him a serial liar. He said he was shocked to know about the information published in the book after Pauw had apologized to him for the 2014 article where he accepted to being tricked by those who gave him the information. “He apologized to me for the lies he wrote about me in City Press in 2014, yet he still went on to lie about me in the book” Darmanovich stated to the paper. He is said to have provided evidence in the form of an email received from Pauw who apologized him for the fictitious article.In the email, Pauw has been quoted saying, ” I’m writing to you because I was wrong in August 2014 to have implicated you in the demise of Johann van Loggerenberg and the Sars Rogue Unit. I found out afterwards that it was not the Special Operations Unit that f***** up Johann and the Sars investigations unit, but the Economic Intelligence Unit. I was fed wrong information. It was so convincing that he believed it. I believed that you were personally involved in the whole mess. I was played, played very convincingly. If I ever see you again, I will explain to you. I didn’t get paid to publish the SOU story, I can assure you but there is/was definitely a faction that wanted to get rid of you and smear you- and Inzo I think”.

Moreover, Gordhan was seen signing the book copies and whilst its only the author who is credible enough to do the same ,it gave all of us the confirmation of him being the “Ghost Writer”. Meanwhile every culprit is set to be brought under the radar as the SSA has confirmed about the legal action against all of those without revealing their names. Also, The family of SSA director general Arthur Fraser has also called for a legal action against Pauw. They have called this act by Pauw, a ploy to Influence the upcoming ANC conference. Pauw has also been criticized for not been answerable to those who have questioned him regarding the facts explained in the book. Even SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane has initiated Legal action against Pauw. In the words of Spokesperson Sandile Mamela,” the civil case against Mr Pauw, which includes Mr Tom Moyane’s defamation, is at an advanced stage and papers will be served soon. Sars wishes to reiterate that it is a criminal offence for any current and former Sars employees to discuss or divulge Sars information to anyone, and Sars will take action should such evidence surface. This is in line with the Tax Administration Act of 2011, especially Section 69, that prohibits the disclosure of taxpayers information”.

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