We Already know a lot about the outspoken former leader of ANC youth league, Julius Male, who is currently heading EFF, but there’s still a lot to be said about this “curse” amongst the blessings guy. He went to Mohlakaneng High School in Limpopo, where he made repeated attempts to complete his education. He was also failed two times in high school grades as well as several subjects in his final secondary school examination. His highest mark attained at school was reported as a ‘C’ for second language English and his lowest marks were published as an ‘H’ (sub 33%) in maths and a ‘G’ (sub 40%) in woodwork, all on the standard grade. When his high school marks were published online, the ANCYL dismissed the published marks as ‘fake’, but the South African Department of Education later confirmed the legitimacy of the much-publicized results.

Malema has always had ‘a physical temper to match his vicious tongue’. While running for Cosas president, Malema pummeled a peer’s face in very badly, he narrowly avoided assault charges (a small donation made to the plaintiff smoothed matters over).

Julius Malema



Though it’s well known that he is one of the stooges of Johann Rupert, he always stays a beloved for WMC and their allies. Moreover, he is often indulged in causing irrelevant chaos across the society, which is well evident after having a look at the below report.


On the other hand, there are BLF who has often served as the true flag bearers of the black natives of the country. Now whilst it’s a fact that for every positive action, there always goes an equal negative reaction, Julius Malema couldn’t stop himself from insulting the BLF leader Andile Mngxitama on national radio as he might be scared of the popularity that the BLF president gaining amongst the masses for his noble acts. Moreover, Andile replied Julius Malema in the best way possible with proven facts, which was more than enough to prove his point.


Malema was further been thrashed by a number of Native Political analyst for his dirty deeds and corruptive acts towards the country and also held responsible for not been “Competent “ enough to take the rights of the black natives to the right direction.


The “Black native” leader, who always goes ahead with lots of hues and cries, when it comes to favouring the WMC and counter attacking its rivals, went silent when FNB suspended 4 black employees for voicing their opinion against the racial discrimination within the corporate structure if the organization.


Well, this was not the end and Julius along with DA went on to feed his Personal and financial motives by harassing country’s resources to his benefits. Moreover, it tied up with DA, another WMC influenced ally to ponder on the nation’s wealth and bring gains to WMC and themselves as a whole. It was just recently that Robin Renwick, the UK based manager of EFF asked Malema to fix 6 councilors who voted with ANC.


The list goes on and on and one thing is quite clear that these were just the reports which were visible and there could be many more dirt inside. Whatever may be the case, we will keep you updated about the same as it happens.

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