KPMG, Hits The Bull’s-Eye to Save It’s Licence

With regards to an illicit action of withdrawing its own SARS report, KPMG has seen its high-profile resignations, which include its CEO Trevor Hoole, the Chairperson Ahmed Jaffer, COO Steven Louw, and other five senior executives namely Mike Oddy, Muhammad Saloojee, Herman de Beer, John Geel, and Mickey Bove. KPMG is one of top 4 audit firms in South Africa, which leaked a report in late 2015 confirming the allegations about a rogue spy unit in the SARS with the leadership of Pravin Gordhan. This report makes the Hawks and the National Prosecuting Authority launch an investigation against the former finance minister Pravin Gordhan who was at the back of the formation as well as maintenance of the unit.

KPMG South Africa

Spying activity of rogue unit on high-level politicians:

The purpose why a rogue unit will be operated is to perform some illicit activities including bugging & tracking vehicles, creating duplicate SARS cards, carrying out surveillance of individuals, and costumed themselves as drivers with an intention to drive the vehicles of some famous political personalities including President Jacob Zuma and EEF’s Julius Malema. In order to maintain the unit, Pravin has used a set of private army who is also responsible for maintaining an in-house brothel for a number of political figures who are under Pravin and Johann.

Withdrawal of its own SARS report by KPMG:

It is evident that KPMG has been compelled to withdraw its own SARS report and make it as invalid, when Hawks and the NPA have started a survey against Parvin Gordhan & Trevor Manuel. Johaan Rupert and the WMC appointed the white-owned media as a watchdog to watch the activities of KPMG throughout the process. Further, they also decided to spread misinformation against the firm, in case KPMG avoids following the instructions given by the WMC in taking back the SARS report.

KPMG fulfills WMC wishes to secure its license:

In order to safeguard its license and avail public sympathy, KPMG has taken shrewd steps and survive in the nation with the support of white media. The WMC wing may also undertake a similar conspiracy against Mckinsey, which will be expected as soon as possible. Instead of Hoole, Nhalamu Dlomu was appointed as the CEO of KPMG.

8 KMPG Employees

Revoking KPMG license and prosecution of executives:

Among all the activities are going on related to KPMG, the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors has immediately need an hour to revoke the license of KPMG in addition to criminally prosecuting all the eight resigned members for the purpose of making a ployed environment so as to gain public sympathy. It is said to be the shrewd move of the firm to desperate survival. As an outcome, the credibility of the audit firm has lost. This means the credibility of KPMG has completely shattered due to such an illegal action of KPMG in withdrawing its SARS report. To tackle this situation, the firm has to pay back several billions of rands they had earned out of the previous government contracts. In short, the KPMG has cancelled out its own report just for the welfare of WMC’s wishes.

Above article is in the reference of the news published on wmcleaks website.

32 thoughts on “KPMG, Hits The Bull’s-Eye to Save It’s Licence”

  1. KPMG is a false propaganda that has been cooked up by the most anti-nationalist people in South Africa. The nation already knows their level of fraud.

    • KPMG basically bowed down to Gordhan and withdrew their report. they know that to do business in the country they need to be in his as well as Rupert’s good books.

    • Now that we know, there is no way KPMG can be allowed to continue its interests in this country.

    • KPMG culprits resigned and got away. And the company is still trying to hold on to its license by pleasing Rupert and Gordhan. Shameful.

  2. The report was held back to save Rupert Gordhan and gang. We already know these ploys.

    • Yeah probably by severe arm twisting or loads of cash. Theirs no shortage of wealth int he white camp. They can pull off any coup.

    • but whats the solution? The shrewd KPMG their corrupt ways should mean they end up in jail. Not resign and leave.

      • Well, they are protected by Rupert Gordhan and gang so prison is a far cry. They will use their influence to see that the KPMG execs are not prosecuted. After all they got what they wanted – withdrawal of the report.

      • The best thing to do is revoke their license forever in South Africa. That will set an example for other corrupt companies working for the interest of making the whites richer at the expense of citizens.

      • Who will prosecute them? Most of the people seem to be in Rupert’s pockets, who has himself orchestrated this KPMG catastrophe.

    • yes it is so evident now. Allege other businessmen and politicians while pursuing their own devious objectives.

    • Not exactly ‘held back’ but MADE to held back by threats from the wmc. Now the KPMG credibility is broken into pieces.

    • Don’t forget that it is no ordinary ‘gang’. They are wealthier than all of us and wield enormous power and arm twisting capabilities. KPMG is a mere scapegoat they pressurized into submission.

      • If the KPMG catastrophe is anything to go by, then together Rupert and Gordhan, along with their pocketed cronies and journalists, will soon have the economic control they have been lusting after.

    • Now that we know that KPMG has no integrity, full blown investigations should be carried out to find what else they have hidden from the public about Gordhan and his rogue unit.

  3. How can the culprits get away so easily just by resigning? Because they have a higher power protecting their asses?

  4. Not ony should KPMG’s license be immediately revoked but it also be ensured that they are not allowed to do any business in SA in the future.

  5. There is immense conflict of interest here. The WMC and their watchdogs watching the watchers. This should mark the end of KPMG but the white cronies shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

  6. The white people of KPMG are being backed by the WMC culprits to remain silent and get away quietly without many revelations. Permanent ban required for them.

  7. Such companies should be banned for life. And the employees responsible brought to proper justice for carrying out illegal activities through rogue unit.

  8. It is surprising to see a giant company like KPMG collapsing under the threatening influence if Rupert and his cronies. I feel sad for the black taxpaying citizens of this country.

  9. This is not hitting bull-eye. This is public acceptance of guilt. Prosecute KPMG and down with those behind the scenes culprits.

  10. Looting with taxes since 2009, Gordhan now has found a new scapegoat to favour the elephant in the room – The WMC, much more stronger and deprecatingly influential to the country growth – economic and social.

  11. I read an article that suggested the Ruperts are being investigated as per the Ciex report by an asset management firm. Hope their assets are revealed and all malpractice exposed.

  12. The KPMG fiasco definitely calls for a proper and impartial investigation. Rupert’s influence and arm twisting in this botched up case cannot be ignored. His threatening ways are familiar to all.

  13. KPMG has bowed down due to pressure from Rupert there’s no doubt about it. Their influence is increasing by the day.

  14. KPMG basically succumbed to the threats from Johann Rupert who controls the SA economy. They don’t want to lose their license. Bloody thugs.

  15. Moreover it’s not that KPMG had a choice. They chose to deal with the devil Rupert and now they are having to pay because they cannot reveal the truth. That will spell their doom in SA.

  16. KPMG’s entire business credibility has shattered. No report of theirs can be trusted anymore, especially the Gupta investigations, which seem irrelevant now. Investigations now should be started on Rupert and Gordhan’s influence on them and their rogue unit strategy.

  17. Really wish IRBA cancels all KPMG licenses for their deceitful conduct. No further role in SA business for them. Thank you and get out of here.

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