Mine workers confronts the banks and “Evil powers” in their quest for Survival

World Famous Scientist Albert Einstein once said.”The World will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who just watch them without doing anything”. The Masses of south Africa, most of them the Mining workers seems to have conveyed the same message to the evils here (WMC and its supportive banks), when they came out in huge numbers to fight for their rights against the banks.

The workers have been seen marching towards the banks and providing them the memorandum which quoted their demands and they have asked for a solution from the banks within 7 days. Here are the excerpts from memorandum that the residents of Middelburg submitted to NedBank, FNB, Absa and Standard Bank on Tuesday:

We, the affected community of Steve Tshwete local municipality in Mpumalanga, have gathered here from all areas affected by the irrational decision of the Banks to close Koornfontein coal mine accounts. We have converged here carrying the burden of thousands of workers and their families to make the following non-negotiable demands.

We demand the following, that:

  1. The banks must ensure that workers at Koornfontein coal mine do not lose their jobs.
  2. The bank accounts must be reopened to allow workers to receive their salaries.
  3. If the company closes, the banks must take full responsibility of implementing all SLP projects that Koornfontein coal mine currently undertakes in which most importantly training of unskilled/unemployed community members and workers.
  4. If the company closes, the banks must undertake to give the same value of contracts to all local contractors that Koornfontein coal mine empowers. These demands are directed to all the banks individually and collectively.

The banks cannot let the ordinary workers of the mine and their families to suffer because of their own political agenda. We expect an urgent action plan and programs on these demands within the next seven (7) working days. Non concession to these demands will be met with the necessary response, as on the 1st October 2017, we will sit inside your banks for food and work, until you accede to our demands.

These demands are genuine and should be acceded to with immediate effect, because we cannot afford to wait any longer as we will have no work otherwise we and our families will die of hunger.”

Moreover, the Uprising is  getting huge support from every corner of the country as shown in a recent video report published by  ANN7 where Thabo Motau Sanco, regional Mining representative accused the banks along with their “supportive Political powers” to kept working on their agenda of Isolating the Guptas and vanish them from the country’s financial geography. Sanco further quoted that whilst the banks gave the reason as “Corruption allegations against the Guptas could prove risky for their commercial image”, they are still operating bank accounts of a number of convicted Criminals which clearly shows their Political vendetta. Whilst the allegations against the Guptas are yet to be proved, those criminals are already deemed culprits many times.

Even the callers calling to the show and clearly blaming the banks along with WMC and calling this as “Anti Zuma and Antis Guptas”. Conspiracy which is directed towards the next year’s Presidential Election. It was further been asked why only the mining companies owned by the Guptas are facing the heat and not Ramaohosa who has recently accepted his dirty affairs and also owns a number of shares in many Mining companies.

It is quite a given now that the masses have their verdict loud and clear and they are not giving up till their demands are met. It would now be interesting to see how this whole Saga unfolds further but next 7 days are surely going to be conclusive as their fight against the “Evils” Continues.

16 thoughts on “Mine workers confronts the banks and “Evil powers” in their quest for Survival”

  1. I can assure you,this EVIL doers rupert, gordhan their days are numbered.

  2. These demands are genuine indeed. They must be met. The workers have got all my support.

  3. Disheartening to see the master plot in destructing thousands of livelihoods. We can let Rupert and co. influence our politics so deeply.

  4. How can Guptas be incriminated for crimes alleged? It is all mere propaganda to retain capital monopoly.

  5. The mine workers must not lose their jobs for the profits of these monopolists.

  6. The Guptas are a source of livelihood for thousands of such workers. I’d rather support them than the people hell bent on destroying our economy.

  7. I understand Einstein’s quote truly now and will not let our country burn.

  8. These are genuine demands of our people these demands assure our future too.

  9. We have to get what ours, we have to stop these white people to spoil our future.

    • They must understand that as black citizens, we have as much of a voice as anyone else and their plan of gradually hollowing out the country’s wealth at our expense is not going to be tolerated for long.

  10. WMC shook hands with Rupert for assisting him to distroy the future of so many innocent workers.they are going to ruin our future we have to stop them.

  11. Wmc media trying to influence the judges or advocates to ensure victory in wmc’s favor its a shame that wmc looking for wining not thinking about our people.

    • Yes, Dude! You were absolutely right, as the decision has come and it is completely in favor of Whites. This is very painful that people are not even bothering to think about workers who do hard work not scams.

  12. Their demands are totally justified. WMC’s evil agenda has led to this crisis.

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