Peter Bruce, another stooge of Johann Rupert, owned WMC nexus, which works towards the sole motive of exploiting the country’s resources to their benefits and never let the true natives of the country to evolve into the bigger picture. On the First to make the list is his so called “Expose” report about the Gupta family, where he tried to defame the family in a quest to serve the corruptive interests of his WMC boss Johann Rupert. BLF, being the flag bearers of the black native’s rights since long time, then decided to take down the corrupt white journalist by protesting to his house.

Peter Bruce – WMC Journalist in South Africa

Peter Bruce


BLF, though, has been challenged by the whole Journalists fraternity for the same as been instructed by WMC boss johann Rupert, but BLF never got threatened or concerned by the counterattack and still went forward with their protest and later fought for the same in the court as well against the White media. The protest heavily criticized white owned media for its hypocrisy and racism – covering up white corruption and making it seems like, it is only black people who are corrupt in South Africa. BLF has also cracked down on white corrupt corporations like ABSA, which stole billions from the Reserve Bank.


Well, These was not the end, even There were further reports about Peter Sherwood Bruce, who is referred to be an Editor of Times Media Group and South Africa’s most respected journalist, that he has found to be cheating his lovely wife named Chalmers Robyn Clare with his illegal relationship with a younger woman Virginia Annette Greenwell, who is self-employed and lives in Johannesburg. Currently, Peter is an editor of Times Media Group, but there was the time when he has been the chief editor of Business Day, ABC and Financial Mail, the Broadcaster of Business Day TV and Home & Ignition TV channels. Between 2001 and 2012, he was worked as an editor at Business Day. This WMC stooge has served for many positions as an editor, business reporter, financial mailer, UK news editor, Madrid correspondent, industrial correspondent and Bon correspondent.


Peter, who usually lives a pretty controversial personal life, went on to write a featured post ‘How to save SA’ in his own newspaper ‘’. Within the content piece, he has gone on and on to praise all those black elites who have been deemed as threats to the South African politics. Elites such as Cyril Ramaphosa (the marikana massacre culprit), Julius Malema (the EFF’s #wmc sold-out), Mmusi Maimane (the DA’s #wmc sold-out) make to his praised list.


The whole world knows how the Libyan regime was overturned by strategic planning by NATO countries. They have used their military might, took help of rebel groups, and most importantly they influenced people’s opinion against the country’s own regime. Well, in actuality, NATO move was heavily influenced by few powerful media houses backed by a number of corporate and some leading journalists/editors with business interests. This media lobby was spearheaded by Peter Bruce, Editor at Large, Tiso Blackstar Group under the strict vigilance from his London based White Monopoly Capitalists.


Moreover, Peter bruce kept on defaming President Zuma with his writing skills and eluding people with fake facts and fake logics about their very own president. This way, he is certainly carrying forward the fake propaganda of his WMC boss Johann Rupert.


The list still consist of many stories which have been exposed about Peter bruce and there will be many more which are yet to be unleashed. So it can be said that while WMC would keep hiding the ground facts away from the natives of the country, Truth cannot be kept in the closets for long and while more facts about the WMC stooge would keep coming in the future, we will keep you posted on the same in the meantime.