Pravin Jamnadas Gordhan, the real wolf inside the skin of a sheep and the so called South African politician and former Finance Minister,  is one of the most illegit personalities around the country, who are often regarded as the synonyms to the world Corruption and Illegitimate. Former finance minister, as people call him, is one of the major reasons of the unstable economic growth of the country over the past few years. Moreover, He was also been thrashed publicly by a student for his dirty deeds in an open debate at the University of Johannesburg in July this year.



Pravin Gordhan



He is amongst the few who always depict himself as the native of the country, but usually serves the WMC and its Boss Johann Rupert in every regards. This was one of the reasons why he was been brought on board and challenged for a legal battle by Duduzane Zuma for which Gordhan replied to. This certainly states he knew where he stood that time.


Moreover, Mr.Gordhan also have “undeclared “shares in many WMC owned companies and whilst he would keep denying the proven fact and will keep telling his own part of the stories, the following report can certainly stamp the same.


Well, this was not the end and he went a step further with his nonsensical talks by calling President Zuma as a corrupt person earlier and then admitted in an interview with CNN for not having any ground evidence to prove his allegations. This shows his dual face whilst being silly at the same time.


He also has lost, with costs, a high court application against the Gupta-owned Oakbay group of companies which surely confirms his ignorance of ‘Legal Policies “ and regulations whilst being an active speaker and reformer of the same.

Moreover, the former finance minister was indulged in instances of corruption in the institution that runs into funds amounting to R4.3 billion as per an internal audit report of the Treasury department. Just imagine how much difference that amount could have made to the country’s economy and its developmental plans towards Radical economic transformation. WMC and its paid media still came in defense of their beloved here as well though.

The Biggest dent to Gordhan’s efforts came when Hawks has asked the former finance minister to submit an affidavit on his indulgence on SARS “ rogue” unit reported by KPMG where he was alleged of spying the top politicians of the country. Though, KPMG later withdraws the report under the influence of WMC mafia Johann Rupert, but fact still stays the same, that he did cheat this whole country.

Well, these were just the reported facts and there must be many more dirty deeds, which have not yet came under the scanner but one thing is for sure, sooner or later, Gordhan would meet the fate for his acts just like his WMC allies. Keep watching this space for more while make you stay updated it further

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