Sunday Times, Crime Partner of Rupert, South Africa better prepare for an epic war!

The situation for White Media and their Boss in South Africa is now like Hook or Crook. Yes, they are targeting different people to give the assurance that WMC stoogs have never done anything wrong even no matter that the targeted person is connected with the matter or not.

Crime Partner of Rupert

Now, one of the paid media’s owner (Sunday Times owner) and their boss (Johann Rupert) wants to defame Gayton Mckenzie, the leader of the Patriotic Alliance (PA). As per the revealed source from Sunday Times, Rupert now notching on Mckenzie and ordered the news paper publishing to defame him.

According to Johann Rupert, “ Only McKenzie is responsible behind the expose of Cyril Ramaphosa along with the the break-up of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) coalition”.

Sunday Times Following Rupert

Its clearly proved, that Johann Rupert is taking revenge against Mckenzie through his paid news paper, Sunday Times. Only Gayton Mckenzie is not on his point even his close business associates Kenny Kunene too. Sources says that this running war against the leader of the Patriotic Alliance is a dirty game and Sunday Times is the crime partener of Johann Rupert.

Authenticity of the war is, for last two weeks Sunday Times writing all fake news and damaging the reputation of Mckenzie and his close friend. Even a new truth revealed that two were being trained in Russia to be spies. Even last Sunday, A story artificially published by Sunday Times to manipulate the people mind towards any black person work. That story included the claim of R5 billion oil deal. This has led to the Sunday Times changing its headline.

Reason to start a war against Two Black Businessmen

Rupert main agenda to start a crusad again Two Black Businessmen is to project him as a “New Guptaq”. He is expecting that his monopoly, to defame them, will be resulted to unlesh their account as WMC did the same before, for Guptas.

Here, Rupert’s main paid media, The Sunday Times, is exposed as a rogue bulldog of white monopoly capital against any black person, who is fighting or working for black empowerment. McKenzie has threatened to sue the paper. All indications are like that Gayton McKenzie and white monopoly capital has met its match. South Africa better prepare for an epic war!

Conclusion : Rupert and White Monopoly worried and frustrated for their work, as McKenzie and Kunene may be involving into big association in the economy of South Africa. The two black person are majorly praised by Twitter users.

This article first appeared on BlackOpinion : Gayton McKenzie targeted by Johann Rupert

9 thoughts on “Sunday Times, Crime Partner of Rupert, South Africa better prepare for an epic war!”

  1. Rupert and his partners and media houses have only one objective – a place of monetary power that will assume control over the nation and want whitewash of all the black businessman.

  2. Rupert targeting Gupta’s, Guptas as not as big a threat as the white lobbyists. While the Guptas are citizens and have done quite a bit for the citizens, Rupert and gang are only concerned about usurping the economic control by whatever it takes.

  3. The shrewd influence of the WMC and Rupert will prove to be the most unfortunate curse for South Africa.

  4. Rupert and team actually think they can get what they want with all the filth they have perpetuated in the country and I have a feeling that they might. Because high ranking politicians like Ramaphosa are backing them, for personal benefits.

  5. Rupert’s agenda and actions have been revealed due thanks to sites like this. He won’t get away with it this time.

  6. Only a crook and crony capitalist like Rupert can stand behind a loose character like Ramaphose. Or maybe he’s eyeing him to be a faithful puppet if he wins in the prez elections.

  7. The Guptas are nothing but sources of livelihood for thousands of SAns. Their money hasn’t been stained with the blood of blacks unlike Rupert’s!

  8. No matter how hard you try, you cannot keep the truth hidden from people, Mr. Rupert!

  9. DA, EFF, Ramaphose and their likes, how deep in the dumps must they have to be work for someone like Rupert! I am ashamed of these people

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