The Inside Truth of Self Proclaimed Nationalist, Cyril Ramaphosa

The ghost of karma is often said to it hit those who don’t abide by the rules of it and that’s why its always been advised in the Prophecy to watch our deeds before we commit them. The Story of Cyril Ramaphosa is no different in this context.  A South African politician, businessman, activist, and trade union leader  who has served as the Deputy President under President Jacob Zuma since 2014 has often regarded himself as a Skillful Negotiator and a Strategist. But just like there always two sides of the coin,this dirty side of Ramaphosa ,which was hidden till now (Courtsey of WMC lobby), has just revealed itself.

Cyril Ramaphosa Leaks

Ramaphosa has been alleged of having an Extramarital affair with four ladies as per the recent reports and the same has also been admitted by him in a public statement. Yes ! You heard this right. A Father of Four kids and a husband of a Lovely wife feels much proud in accepting having an Extra Marital Affair Publicly and yet he often regards himself as the Future President of South Africa. This now confirms that he too is one of the Stooges of the WMC who just keep making effort to Market Him as the Self Proclaimed True leader of the Nation who just want to defame President Zuma every way possible.

Ramaphosa Affair

The List of his “Proud “deeds doesn’t end here and this So called Leader was earlier been criticized for the conflict of his business interests whilst been the MTN Chairman  during the MTN Irancell scandal when that organization bribed officials in Iran and his joint venture with Glencore and allegations of benefiting illegally from coal deals with Eskom which he has staunchly denied are one of them in the big list.

Moreover, On 15 August 2012, whilst being one of the board of Directors of  Lonmin, he called for action against the Marikana miners’ strike, which he called “dastardly criminal” conduct which later resulted in killing 44 Innocent people and many injured. Though he admitted and regretted later for his involvement in the act and said it could have been avoided if contingency plans had been made prior to the labor strike but he never thought once about the Lives that he took due to his stupid decisions.

But as its been said, what goes around, comes around. Time seems to be up for Ramaphosa and its WMC allies who often keep trying to bring President Zuma Down and never ever take a look into their own Dirty Pits. They might still keep glorifying each other, but often forgets that Truth can never  remain hidden and their true face has now been revealed to the whole nation. It would now be interesting to see in the coming days how WMC and Ramaphosa deals with this reality.

9 thoughts on “The Inside Truth of Self Proclaimed Nationalist, Cyril Ramaphosa”

  1. Being a WMC allies Ramaphosa is still in the higher position while President Zuma is always criticized for his good deeds. What a pitiful situation!!

  2. Cyril being WMC monopolists has been involving in several criminal activities like illegal allegations, extra marital affairs and dastardly criminal. He must be punished dreadfully!!

  3. What an awful character Ramaphosa is having? It is unbelievable that Cyril is having extra marital affair with many ladies. Since, he is a husband of lovely wife and father of four children.

  4. He is man who brings a bad name to people like Prez. Zuma. While it is Ramaphosa is indulging in all these illict acts of adultery, corruption, etc. the image of the ANC as well as Zuma is tarnished. He must be held responsible for his action. Meanwhile, I hope that his wife and children are doing fine.

  5. Shameful conduct by Ramaphose! Besides the leak, why does the DP have to use multiple email IDs. Such habits reflect the character of a seasoned conman undeserving of a high post in gvt.

  6. These are the leaders that we elect based on how they are portrayed by the media. As a citizen, I feel foolish that we are misled by our own media, who seem to have become slaves to the wmc power.

  7. We need to think and fend for ourselves in this dire situation. Nothing the wmc paid media says can be trusted. They have just become a convenient voice for the pro-white camp. I am glad that the leaks on Ramaphosa has revealed the hypocrisy of the WMC.

  8. Glad the truth about Ramaphosa is out. Although his team along with the wmc backed media tried to suppress the facts, they eventually came out. Such leaders and their supporters should be identified and investigated for breaching the trust of people.

  9. The wmc paid media has played several malicious games to get their agenda in the country right and blind side the citizens. Now they are exposed by these Ramaphosa leaks. All their righteousness and the high moral ground that they have been taking has taken a severe hit, which makes me happy. Out with these monopolists.

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