The Vote Rigging and Results Leak Ploy by Team Ramaphosa

The race for the ANC Presidency maybe over with the victory to Cyril Ramaphosa, but sources to the news website WMCLeaks have revealed regarding the new treasury general elect Paul Mashatile and his partner in crime, lady love Bontle Mpakanyane violating ANC protocol during the President elections, to disclose regular updates of the poll results to the Ramaphosa camp throughout the counting process.

Bontle Mpakanyane and Paul Mashatile

The report on the website further states that The long-awaited results for the 6 contested positions were being spied upon by the CR17 camp which became imminent in the pre-coronation celebration by the Cyril Ramaphosa supporters thereby raising suspicion that the vote results of the NDZ slate were also being tracked. In the below pictures from the conference Ramaphosa can be seen delighted well before the declaration of the results.

It can therefore be said that such violation of ANC’s rules and regulations clearly points towards the existence of divisive and corrupt mindsets within the party and further signals towards the ploy by  ‘The Elexions Agency’ operated by Paul’s partner Bontle Mpakanyane, which manages the ANC’s voting process. This approach by the Ramaphosa supported faction certainly confirms the kind of dirty plans and strategies being taken into practice by them while managing the ANC conference. It’s now exposed that the administration of Major ANC events has been put on sale by the supportive factions of Cyril Ramaphosa to allow people like Bontle Mpakanyane to get benefited.

It’s worth mentioning here that Paul Mashatile and Bontle had been into a long term illicit relationship that they have largely kept away from public appearance. Bontle even got a child from Paul, about which she never disclosed just to keep going with her professional career. Elsewhere, Paul Mashatile has already been said to be married to Manzi Mashatile.

Meanwhile the news website is awaiting confirmation of the information received from their sources.

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