Wedding Bells Finally Ring For Trevor Manuel And Maria Ramos

The recent wedding of Finance Minister Trevor Manuel (52) and his long time girlfriend Maria Ramos (49) is perhaps the most power-packed wedding of the year. Both of them are influential people in the financial landscape of South Africa and their wedding was clearly a much awaited event. The marriage took place in Johann Rupert’s wine farm.

Johann Rupert

ThorayaPanday, Manuel’s spokeswoman has confirmed the reports of the wedding and we wish the newly wedded couple a great future ahead.

Ramos has been the former director generalof finance sector, and currently she holds the position of CE of Transnet, the banking group ABSA. This is Trevor Manuel’s second wedding. He divorced his first wife last year and the proceedings were held in the Cape High Court in a secretive manner.

Even before his divorce came to the forefront, Manuel and Ramos have been making public appearances together in numerous occasions. They were seen together in a recent event which was to launch his biography called ‘Choice, Not Fate’. If sources are to be believed, their relationship started when Ramos was employed as the director-general in the office of National Treasury.

Since they started seeing each other, they have been very vocal for their feelings about each other. During a press conference at the SARS’s Carlton center office in 2005 when Manuel was about to declare his tax return, he kept the journalists waiting while he went to the 50th floor to greet Ramos in her office.

Manuel also mentioned Ramos in his recent Budget speech where he takes the name of Maria as his family along with others to thank them. Ramos has also reportedly said in an interview to Business Report that she cannot pretend that the minister of finance isn’t her partner. She further continued to say that she lives her personal life with a sense of dignity.

This much celebrated wedding took place in the Franschhoek wine farm L’Ormarins, which is owned by the famous Rupert Family. Earlier this week, the couple had already confirmed the news of their wedding and they said that it would be a close affair with only family members and friends attending the event. The journalists will not be allowed to the wedding.

If sources are to be believed then the recently married couple is enjoying their honeymoon in Cape Town. We wish them a bright and happy future.

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