Why Johann Rupert And White Business Class Want To Replace President Zuma

According to the shocking evidences that have come into light, Julius Malema of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) may be working in close association with powerful bankers and highly regarded white businessmen to bring about a sense of instability in South Africa. The intention here is to replace the President Zuma much before his actual terms comes to an end. This article gives you a clear example of white monoploy capital in SA.

President Zuma

The reason behind this is pretty simple. President Zuma has apparently fallen out in disagreement with the influential class of South Africa comprising of the white business men who control the nation’s economy. The top 5 companies that are the major players in the South African economy are listed in the London Stock Exchange.

Reports have it that President Zuma has abandoned the West to focus more on the East, with its ‘Look East’ policy. The white businessmen in SA have found in Julius Malema a confidant and friend who has many reasons to go against President Zuma. If things work out in the favor of the business class then we might pretty soon experience a mass protest like the one witnesses in Brazil where people protested against the then president.

If the winds of change continue to blow then chances are that SA will experience something similar. President Zuma and the Gupta family have been projected by the privately owned media as the epitome of corruption.

white monopoly capital

Most probably the regime change plan was decided in October 2015 wherein the state capture was disclosed and the main issue of removal of President Zuma from the power was discussed. If sources are to be believed then there are mainly three major shareholders from the First National Bank (FNB) who are considered as the main investors in the entire plan. The three shareholders have funded the EFF London trip as a step towards white monoploy capital.

Johann Rupert Scam

In the Leopard Creek Gold Club in December 2015, the richest man in SA, Johann Rupert is believed to have confronted the alleged EFF investors. These three people that actually funded the EFF London trip are recognized as Laurie Dieppenaar, Paul Harris and TG Ferreira.

Ferreira Harris and Dippenaar

After taking the London trip, it is believed that the EFF purposely shifted their focus to a number of things, most of which were related to President Mandela. The main opposition party in SA currently is the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) and pro-white. It is a big white business and supposedly EFF is a party formed by the exploited, ill-treated and poor workers who have no employment.

The coming together of the two important forces – DA and the EFF against President Zuma is believed to have been sealed on 5th of April 2016. Rupert along with otherSA based white capitalists are mainly upset withZuma for 3 main reasons. It includes Zuma’s ‘East focus’ which some people call as family feast and against white monopoly capital. The president no more takes calls from the London based white capital. Finally, the fact that the president has opened doors for the Gupta family who are encroaching the mining sector has not been taken well by the masses.

News Source : http://blackopinion.co.za/2016/04/15/the-eff-trip-to-london/

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