WMC and its “Judicial Capture” Ploy to Dominate SA

South Africa is witnessing its very own version of “Judiciary Capture”. Every now and then we get thorough examples of the judiciary being abused at the hands of the Whites Dominance. As per the report published on the website WMCleaks, it’s been stated that earlier in this year, in one of the biased judgments from the South African judiciary, the Judge President of the Gauteng Division of the High Court Dunstan Mlambo rejected a determined bid by Gupta-owned Sahara Computers to have the former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan personally pay legal costs in the court wrangle involving South Africa’s major banks regarding the Oakbay Investments accounts closure.

Judicial Capture

The same can now be said in regards to the yesterday’s judgment by Judge Dunstan Mlambo who ruled that President Jacob Zuma shall not be authorized to challenge the recommendation of Thuli Madonsela’s State Capture report, and that he should personally pay his legal costs. This is what we can call a real “Judiciary Capture’ by the Whites. It’s worth mentioning here that this is the same judge who had given another biased judgment earlier this week, regarding the removal of NDPP Shaun Abrahams and that Cyril Ramaphosa shall be privileged with the choice of picking his replacement – an exceptional ruling with insignificant value in the constitutional law. This approach by the judge towards whites’ preferred ANC presidential candidate Cyril Ramaphosa clearly contradicts the ethnicity of this “Major Pillar of Democracy”.

It must be noted that earlier In May this year, the Gauteng High court headed by another WMC stooge Judge Bashier Vally did show its “biased approach” by asking President Zuma to provide the proceedings of the agenda which pushed him to fire  Pravin Gordhan and Mbesi Jonas within five days period. Both of them were replaced in March 2017 cabinet reshuffle. While Zuma had to personally pay all the legal costs. Another example of the biased judgment in the favours of whites was a case between RET advocate Manyi and Magda Wierzycka last month, the same Judiciary capture was witnessed when Magda influenced the judge by intentionally bringing in Fiona Dippenaar who comes from the same vicinity as David Unterhalter, Wierzycka’s counsel. Not surprisingly, Manyi ultimately lost the case and had to bear all the legal costs from her pocket.

If we talk about the biased verdicts,how can one forget the high-profile court case of the bank accounts closure between the Oakbay Investments and the Bank of Baroda where another WMC stooge Judge Hans Fabricius was intentionally brought in to manage this high-profile case at the last moment, which again diverted the judgment in the favor of BOB, eventually leaving 7500 native employees of Oakbay jobless. Such acts of judicial capture and biased judgment right before the ANC’s presidential elections can’t be termed as mere coincidence. WMC want to prove their dominance in almost every aspect of this society and country and their sole purpose is to threaten the people in the same regards. The only way out now is to reject every stooge of the WMC currently present in the political structure of South Africa, namely Ramaphosa in context of ANC, if we really want to stop these white evils from further biting into common people’s interests.

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