WMC Trying their best to get Zuma Recalled from Presidency

White media is always known for their “twisting the facts” strategy in order to support the WMC propaganda and every now and then they seem like going a step further. As per the story published on Black Opinion website, and the Sunday Times, another white owned media firm, are spreading fake news to prompt the amputation of President Zuma. The newspaper has published a story which is full of rumors and lies. The story quotes that discussions are going on currently to dethrone president Zuma by a few National Executive Committee (NEC) members of the ANC. On the other hand, sources have confirmed to the website that there is no such discussion going on relating to any member of the NEC.

sunday times

It must be noted that White monopoly capital is annoyed with the results of the ANC elective conference in context of the terms on which, Cyril Ramaphosa, became its president with a small margin and got no majority in the NEC as a result. They got more frustrated by the fact that the RET supportive powers had proved their point on policy which led to ANC demanding for nationalization of the South African Reserve Bank and land expropriation without compensation. Ramaphosa was supposed to act as a barrier to all these policies to further support WMC propaganda.

WMC is afraid that with President Zuma in charge, these policies will get implemented in no time and that’s the reason they want Cyril Ramaphosa to take over the presidency and halt the implementation of Radical Economic Transformation (RET). WMC boss Johann Rupert is more frustrated with the fact that Zuma will keep up the work in regards to the free education which will make all the black natives into educated skilled professionals in the coming years and the white monopoly will then be challenged in the bigger context in terms of job opportunities and Income inequality.

Therefore, he had instructed his White media firms to market every rumor possible in order to create an environment where President Zuma can be recalled and his beloved Ramaphosa can take over. But he should be aware about the fact that ANC has decided to go with RET and its supportive policies so there’s no way he can succeed in his dirty intentions.

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